A Conservative Leader
Serving Texas House District 89
Texas State Representative Candy Noble

Candy Noble is an award-winning conservative who has delivered on the issues that matter to our district.


Funding Record Border Security

Since the federal government refuses to address the situation at our dangerous southern border, Texas is stepping up to fight the flood of illegal border crossings, as well as the blight of fentanyl, human trafficking, and other crimes running rampant in our state as a result.

Candy Noble stepped up to take action:

  • fought for over $6 billion in new border security funding. This includes funding to build the wall, funding for new gunboats and surveillance aircraft, and more DPS officers and State Guard troops
  • made illegal entry a criminal offense and passed a law to allow Texas law enforcement to arrest and deport illegals
  • designated drug cartels as terrorist organizations to hold them accountable for poisoning our kids with fentanyl

Passing Historic Property Tax Relief

You spoke, and she listened. Candy Noble worked tirelessly and kept her promise on providing property tax relief. Candy was instrumental in helping to pass the largest tax cut in Texas history to the tune of $18 billion, putting money back in your pocket.

Endorsed by NRA for Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Candy Noble is the only candidate endorsed by the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association. She has a strong record of defending our 2nd Amendment rights, ensuring you can protect you and your family. Candy voted for Texas’ historic constitutional carry law, and more significant pro-2A bills have passed during her time in the Texas House than in any other state in the nation.

Protecting Our Girls, Saving Women’s Sports

Pushing back against the radical transgender movement, Candy Noble banned boys and men who claim to be women from competing in girls’ sports. Biological men do not have the right to compete against biological women. It’s unfair and unsafe

Protecting Our Children from Sexual Predators

With constant attacks on our children from the radical left, Candy Noble passed a bill that prohibits sexually explicit performances, including drag shows, in front of our children. She also passed a bill that protects children online by limiting what they can access on social media, as well as preventing sexual predators and big tech from preying on our children.

Banning Gender Modification Surgeries on Children

Candy Noble co-sponsored the bill to outlaw gender modification surgeries on our kids. She worked with the bill author, Dr. Tom Oliverson, to beat back Democrats who tried to kill this bill that is now law. This barbaric practice is ended in Texas.

Defending the Unborn

Candy believes every life is precious. She is proud of the work the legislature undertook in providing protections for all unborn children, including the Texas Heartbeat Bill, which bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected. To date, this law has saved approximately 35,000 lives. Candy Noble also authored the bill that banned any taxpayer funding of abortion providers.


Conservative Candy Noble is Endorsed by:

Governor Greg Abbott
Former Governor, Former Trump Energy Secretary Rick Perry
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA)
Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT)
Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association
Texas Alliance for Life
Texans for Life / LifePAC
Texans for Medical Freedom
Americans for Prosperity – Texas
Texas Home School Coalition PAC
Charter Schools Now
Family Empowerment PAC
Young Conservatives of Texas
Texas Values Action
NFIB Texas (The Voice of Small Business)
Texas Association of REALTORS (TREPAC)
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND
Collin County REALTORS
TXOGA PAC (Texas Oil and Gas Association)
TXBizPac (Texas Association of Business)
Texans for Responsible Government


Mayor Ben Ponce – Nevada
Mayor Henry Lessner – Fairview
Mayor Bob Petitt – Lowry Crossing
Mayor David Gensler – St Paul
Mayor Jim Olk – Lucas
Mayor Vicki Sanson – Lavon
Mayor Lee Pettle – Parker
Mayor Scott Bradley – Murphy
Mayor Pro Temp Jeff Forrester – Wylie
Former City Councilman Rick Grady – Plano (U.S. Army Combat Veteran)


Representative Candy Noble is in her third term in the Texas House of Representatives, where she has quickly emerged as an effective conservative leader. She has worked to successfully pass major bills to improve border security, defend the unborn, protect religious liberties and second amendment freedoms, empower taxpayers, strengthen education, and much more.

In the most recent session, she played a leadership role in passing historic property tax relief for homeowners and small business owners. To protect our communities, she backed legislation to strengthen law enforcement, recall rogue DAs who refuse to enforce the law, and provide new tools to fight fentanyl abuse. She worked to protect children by banning dangerous gender modification surgeries, prohibiting sexually oriented “drag shows” where children are present, and implementing safeguards to prevent sexually explicit materials in libraries and schools. She personally authored and passed bills to help secure the integrity of our elections, eliminate government red tape, prevent fraudulent use of our tax dollars, and protect our most vulnerable Texans from predators.

Representative Noble’s committee assignments for the 88th Legislative Session include the House Committee on Human Services and the powerful Ways & Means Committee. Representative Noble also serves on the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Community Based Care Transition, where she works to improve the foster care system. In June 2023, she was named to the Select Study Committee on Sustainable Property Tax Relief, where she is working to further reduce the property tax burden on homeowners.

In her second term, Candy was elected by fellow Republicans to serve as the House Republican Caucus Secretary. She now serves as President of the Texas Conservative Coalition and on the Board of the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, where she advocates for conservative legislative solutions.

In 2019, Representative Noble was named an “Emerging Leader” by GOPAC, a national GOP group dedicated to electing the next generation of Republican leaders. She was one of only 30 Republican state legislators from across the nation to earn this distinction that year.

A strong proponent of education, Representative Noble has a degree in Education from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene and serves on their Board of Trustees. In 2023 she was named a Distinguished Alumnus of the university.

A thirty year resident of Collin County, Representative Noble serves the residents of Texas House District 89. This fast-growing area includes some or all of Allen, Copeville, Fairview, Josephine, Lavon, Lowry Crossing, Lucas, Murphy, Nevada, Parker, Plano, Princeton, Royse City, St Paul, and Wylie.

Candy has been married to Robert for 40 years and they live in Lucas. They are active members of Prestonwood Baptist Church. Candy and Robert are blessed with three daughters, three sons-in-law, and nine grandchildren.


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