for Texas House District 89

Candy Noble will fight for:

The unborn
Property tax relief
Quality education for our kids
Limited regulations to ensure jobs and a strong economy
Secure borders
Second Amendment freedoms
Religious liberties


Elected Officials

State Representative Scott Sanford & Shelly Sanford
State Representative Matt Shaheen & Robyn Shaheen
Former State Representative Scott & Robin Turner
State Representative Pat Fallon & Susan Fallon
State Representative Mike Lang
State Representative Stephanie Klick
State Representative Ron & Lisa Simmons
Senator Bryan Hughes, SD 1
Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis
Collin County Commissioner Susan Fletcher
Collin County Commissioner Chris Hill & Laura Hill
Tincy Miller, State Board of Education, District 12
Scott Bradley, Mayor, City of Murphy
Z Marshall, Mayor, City of Parker
Mike Felix, Mayor, City of Sachse
Opie Walter, Mayor, City of St. Paul
Eric Hogue, Mayor, City of Wylie
Henry Lessner, Fairview Town Council Member
Bill Nicol, Fairview Town Council Member
Pam Little, Fairview Town Council Member & Larry Little
Phillip Lawrence, Lucas City Council Member
Betty Spraggins, Murphy City Council Member
Rick Smith, Plano City Council Member
Ron Kelley, Plano City Council Member & Gwen Kelley
Cullen King, Sachse City Council Member
Robert Simmons, St. Paul Town Councilman, Mayor Pro Tem
Keith Stephens, Wylie City Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem
Collin County Constable Gary Edwards

Bob Collins, Collin College Board of Trustees Member
Fred Moses, Collin College Board of Trustees Member; Former Chairman, Collin County GOP* & Mazzie Moses
Alicia Young, Community ISD School Board Member & Matthew Young, Lavon
Wade Emmert, Former Dallas County GOP Chair
Dr. Robin Armstrong, Republican National Committeeman
Judy Prada, SREC SD 3
Melinda Fredricks, SREC SD 4
Nita Davidson, SREC SD 5
Chris McDonald, SREC SD 6
Shelly Pritchard, SREC SD 9
David Halvorson, SREC SD 12
Debbie Terry, SREC SD 12, Founding President of Golden Corridor Republican Women
Dalee Gibble, SREC SD 13
Fernando Trevino,, SREC SD 14
Scott Stratton, SREC SD 19
Edee Sinclair, SREC SD 18
Janie Melendez, SREC SD 20
Sam Dalton,, SREC SD 20
Chuck Wilson, SREC SD 22
Jane Cansino, SREC SD 28
Drew Bullard. SREC SD 28
Mark Dunham, SREC SD 29
Deon Starnes, SREC SD 30
Paul Braswell, SREC SD 30
Tom Roller, SREC SD 31
Mandy Tschoepe, Former SREC
Mary Holmsley, Former SREC member
Angie King, Former SREC member

Texas Conservative Leaders

Kelly Shackelford, President & CEO, First Liberty Institute *
Ann Hettinger, State Director, Concerned Women for America of Texas
Jonathan Saenz, President, Texas Values

House District 89 Citizens; Community & Conservative Leaders

Thom Baird, Precinct Chair, Allen
Connor Barron, Precinct Chair, Plano
Ed Bayliss, Fairview, Former President, Heritage Ranch Republican Club*
David Burson, Precinct Chair & Lorraine Burson
BJ Correu, Fairview, Co-Founder, Heritage Ranch Republican Club* & James Correu
Dixie Jeffers, House District 89 Caucus Chair, Precinct Chair & David Jeffers, Lavon
Joan Konkel, Precinct Chair
Gary Kruse, Precinct Chair
Robin Lington, Precinct Chair, Murphy
Tim McCord, Precinct Chair, Lucas
Sue Reeves, Precinct Chair, Fairview
Don & Mary Anne Seale, Parker
Suzanne Veal, Precinct Chair, Wylie
Ruthie Wright, Precinct Chair, & Steve Wright, Wylie
Rick & Lynn Ables, Lucas
Danielle & Kevin Aguilar, Allen
Cathie Alexander, Plano
Chris Alexander, Allen
Charles Anderson, Allen
Charles & Lynn Baade, Murphy
Rich Baker
Chuck & Wilhelmina Ballweg, Allen
Ron & Lisa Baranski, Fairview
Brooke Basinger, Wylie
Preston & Laura Biggs, Allen
Kathi Bishop, Lucas
Ricky & Kay Blanton, Wylie
Perry & Patsy Bolin
Olena Bonner, Fairview
William Booth, Wylie
Christopher & Andrea Bouressa, Murphy
Ron Boyd, Precinct Chair, Allen
Sue Bradley, Wylie
Bob & Flora Brands, Fairview
Kevin and Judy Brannon, Allen
Clifford & Carrie Brazeal, Lucas
Randy & Jill Bridges, Allen
Dave & Tiffany Broyles, Allen
Jason & Marcy Bryant, Allen
Brenda Burfiend, Wylie
Jennifer Bush, Allen
Jackie Butler, Fairview
Matthew & Catherine Butschek, Wylie
Russ, Carlson, Lucas
Richard & Pamela Carron, Fairview
Victoria Casstevens, Wylie
Mel & Sylvia Chapman, Wylie
Peggy Chappell, Plano
Jerrie Clements, Fairview
John & Jennifer Coker, Lucas
Birgitta Compton, Wylie
Joe & Patti Cordina, Parker
Bonnie Cox, Fairview
Delores Cox, Allen
Mark Cruz, Allen
Chawn & Julie Cummings, Wylie
Jacob & Lauren Davis, Wylie
Stacey Davis, Wylie
Paula Debard, Lucas
Mary DiCaprio, Fairview
Mike & Ember Deibler, Plano
Daryl Despault, Allen
Tom & Tina Dodson, Lucas
Eric & Amy Dollyhigh, Lucas
Susan Dollyhigh, Fairview
Jim & Deborah Donovan, Wylie
Larry & Kristi Durham, Allen
Slim & Javon Durham, Parker
Robert & Charlotte Ehrhardt, Sachse
Stacy Emberson, Allen
Joe & Sharon Feagin, Fairview
David & Lissa Flowers, Wylie
Bill & Hope Fobes, Plano
William & Ginnie Foisset, Wylie
Sarah Forest, Allen
Rick & Tracey Gelling, Plano
Sierra Gibbons, Allen
Roger & June Ginnett, Princeton
Vicky Giorgetti, Fairview
Kathy Gonzales, Fairview
Dustyn & Mary Hamilton, Lavon
Annie Sue Harrison, Wylie
Mia Hawthorne, Wylie
Helen Head, Allen
Dalayr Hight, Allen
Campbell & Janet Hirst, Allen
John Hogue, Plano
Debbie Hollingshead, Plano
Mason House, Wylie
Jean Howard, Fairview
Rhonda Hrabchak, Allen
Brian & Liesl Huddleston, Wylie
Daniel Huddleston, Wylie
Steve & Kathy Hufstetler, Lucas
Bruce Hout, Fairview
Lois Hyatt, Fairview
Ryan & Tori Jaquess, Wylie
Alan Johnson, Plano

Cliff Kees, Fairview
Ron & Ida Keptner, Fairview
June Kernaghan, Fairview
Cathy Knapp, Fairview
Paul & Penny Knutson, Lucas
Lynette Kodolzkey, Lavon
Philip LaRose, Fairview
Dianne Day LaVallee, Lavon
Evelyn Linville, Lucas
Nicole Little, Allen
David Logue, Allen
Marie Magruder, Allen
Jerry & Fay Martin, Fairview
Mac & Geraldine Mathis, Wylie
Barbara McClure, Fairview
John & Mary McClure, Parker
Mac & Susan McClure, Parker
Lyndall McDaniel, Lavon
Nancy McDaniel, Lavon
Libbie McWilliams, Wylie
Steve Mercer, Allen
Inez Michael, Wylie
Sue Morales, Allen
Natalie Morgan, Lavon
Todd Morgan, Lavon
John Moser, Fairview
Gino Mulliqu, Wylie
Richard & June Nance, Wylie
Fred & Janis Nasseri, Plano
Earl Newsom, Wylie
Robert Noble, Lucas
Sonja Oonk, Plano
Dennis Ory, Wylie
Roger Paquette, Lucas
John Paulson, Precinct Chair, Plano
Diana Peterson, Wylie
Mike & Dawn Petrik, Fairview
Charlette Pickett, Wylie
Hillary Pichkett, Wylie
Andy Piziali, Parker
Russell Polk, Allen
Ron Potts, Wylie
Angela Powell, Plano
Dale & Reecie Powrie, Fairview
Priscilla Puz, Wylie
Amy Rattleff, Plano
Janet Rawe, Plano
Louis Revor, Murphy
Harry & Joanie Riggs, Fairview
Marty Rimbey, Plano
Gwen Roberts, Allen
Karen Robertson, Fairview
John Roman, Fairview
Jan Schell, Lucas
Larry Schlapfer
Mike Schreiber, Allen
Roy Serpa, Fairview
Don Sevier, Plano
Jane Sidler, Fairview
Mark & Marjorie Smith, Fairview
Mike Smith, Wylie
Cathy Smith, Parker
David Smith, Fairview
Karen Smith, Fairview
Ronnie Smith, Parker
Tim Smithson, Wylie
Vernon & Aida Sorenson, Wylie
Jodi Sorenson, Wylie
Tina Stanley, Allen
Geoff Stertz, Wylie
Debbie Stewart, Wylie
John Mark Stewart, Wylie
Mike Story, Plano
John & Denise Stufflebeam, Allen
Audrey Sutherland, Fairview
Ron Sutherland, Fairview
William Swayne, Wylie
Theresa Tinghitella, Fairview
Diane Tingle, Murphy
Les Tingle, Murphy
Gerri Uminski, Fairview
Trey & Dallas Varner, Lucas
Robert Viveros, Allen
Dr. Tammy Vo, Wylie
Peggy Wade, Fairview
Dianne Watkins, Murphy
Cliff Weaver, Allen
Becky Welch, Wylie
Dylan Glynn Wheless
Ryan Thomas Wheless
Robert Whitney, Wylie
Travis Wieck, Lucas
Michelle Wilkes, Plano
Dr. Jeffery Wood, Allen
April Wright, Wylie
Conner Wright, Allen
Jerry & Jane Yancey, Plano

Major Group Endorsements and Ratings

Concerned Women of America Legislative Action Committee
Texas Values Action
Grassroots McKinney

Patriot Texas
Lone Star Liberty
National Rifle Association of America AQ Rating **
Texas State Rifle Association, PAC AQ Rating **

** Not an Endorsement but the highest rating a candidate may receive.

Collin County & Regional Community & Conservative Leaders

Sharron Albertson, Former President, Golden Corridor Republican Women*
Kerby Anderson, President, Probe Ministries*, Precinct Chair
Suzanne Blackstone, Former President, Golden Corridor Republican Women*, & Phil Blackstone
Bill Blake, President, Lincoln Society*
Dan Bollner, Precinct Chair
Sharon Bradshaw, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women*, Precinct Chair, & Cecil Bradshaw
Bob Chambers, Precinct Chair, & Lyn Chambers
Glynis Chester, Immediate Past President, Republican Women of Greater North Texas*
Debra Coffey, Elector, Texas Electoral College
Mary Carl Finkelstein, Past President, Golden Corridor Republican Women*, Precinct Chair, & Jeff Finkelstein
Brian Fletcher, House District 33 Caucus Chair, Precinct Chair
Marc M. Friedland, Chairman-Precinct 79 and Former President of the Collin County Republican Men’s Club
Pat Greer, Precinct Chair
Sandy Halsey, Precinct Chair
Kendall Helfenbein, CPA, Current President of Financial Executives International – Dallas Chapter
Jim Herblin, Precinct Chair, & Dana Herblin
Carolyn Hodges, Former President, TFRW*
Diann Jones, Precinct Chair, & John Jones
John Keating, Frisco City Council Member, & Leslie Keating
Yoon Kim, Former Collin County District Clerk, & Kristin Kim
Carroll Maxwell, House District 70 Caucus Chair, Past Pres., Collin County Conservative Republicans*, Precinct Chair
Carla McCroan, Former President, Barbara Bush Republican Women*
Jean McIver, Former Member, State Republican Executive Committee
John Myers, Precinct Chair, & Patty Myers
Susan Plonka, Past President, Conner Harrington Republican Women*
Annette Smith, Former President, Golden Corridor Republican Women*
Lissa Smith, Former Plano City Council Member
Charles Thrasher, Former City Council, Carrollton
Tom Washington, former Republican Party of Texas Treasurer
Gail Abbott
Dave & Mary Kay Adams
Myrna Acklin
James Angelino
Fritz Asche
Elaine Ashburn
Kay Baird
Cody Baker, Precinct Chair
Brett Baldwin, Precinct Chair
Mike & Susan Barrett
Brad & Sherrie Baylis
James Bear
Chris Betts, Precinct Chair
Dr. Sheetal Bhaga
Chris Bingham
Dr. Robert Birenbaum
Kim & Greg Black
Deb Blencowe
Dr. Anthony Borgognoni
Chad & Marla Boyd
Chuck Branch, McKinney City Council Member
Melinda & Michael Brown
Della & Weath Bryant
Mark & Nancy Bryant
Amy & Andrew Burns
Susan Bushey
Mike & Joni Buster
Scott Campbell
Dr. Todd Caruthers
Conner Chambers
Rhonda Childress-Herres
David & Dale Clark
Charlotte Claycomb-Jones
Gene & Carla Coday
Scott & Ruth Collins
Ellen Connor
Sue Cravy
Larry & Dee Crump
Dr. Barry Curtis
John & Lene’ DeRudder
Dr. Glenn DeShaw
Penna Dexter
Jim & Lucy Dingle
Chad & Christian Drake
Ronald Dubner
Chris Edgeworth
Karen & Jim Farley
Terry & Mary Jo Fear
Michael & Caitlin Fechner
Dr. Eric & Colette Flavill
Joy Flavill
Brook Fulks
Brian & Becky Gardner
Stacy Gibson
Dr. Agustin Gonzalez
Judy Griffin
Darlene Hagen
Tom & Linsey Hammon
Joan Hart
Dr. Hamid Hashemi
Dr. Saied Hashemi
Byron & Mari Henry
Pat & Karen Hester
Jim & Kay Hibbetts
Terry Holcomb
Summer Hoover

Donna Housman-Castillo
Dr. Cindy Hudson
Dr. Matt Hudson
Jeanne Hurlebaus
Anna Janis
Dr. Reshma John
Mac Johnston
Dr. Darlene Jones
Michelle Musik Jones
Scott Jones
Dr. Haideh Karimi
Linda Kinney
Sandy Koch
Donna Krauss
Doris Kruse
Timothy Kruse
Suresh Kumar
Dr. Steve Kurtin
Becky Leach
Ron & Darlene Leach
David Leopard
Harvey Letcher
Philip Lorenz
Susanna Lorenz
Dr. Danny Malone
Dr. Tigi Manaloor
Don & Faith Martin
Dr. Dipak Master
Doug & Darlene Maxham
Bruce & Jane McAllister
Lynn & James McCoy
Mark McCraw
Terri Miller
Debbie Monk
Ken Moser
Elizabeth & Danny Muzyka
Greg Myer
Joyce & Ernest Myers
Vicki Myers
Madolyn Noble
Jeremy Northen
Chuck & Julie O’Reilly
Dan Panetti
Katherine Park
Dr. Bhavini Patel
Jim & Janice Pautler
Rena Peden
Francis & Melissa Phillips
Dale & Laura Pigg
Bill & Holly Podkowa
John & Lisa Primrose
Pat & Nancie Przada
Randy Rial
Keresa & JR Richardson
Janet Roberts
Ross Robinson
Mona Roise
Dale Rose
Dr. Ryan & Lauren Rosemore
Dr. Zak Rosemore
Warren & Sherry Samuels
Peter Schroer, Precinct Chair
Chris & Mona Schultz
Marilyn Sevin
Sylvia Sheets
Bill Smith
Don & Pat Smith
Jimmy Smith
Wayne Smith
Scott Smith
Kae Spurgin
Art & Belinda Stricklin
Virginia Sturm
Donna Thomas
Bill Thweatt
David Thweatt
Dr. Edward Topfer
Linda Waddell
Henry & Marcela Walaszek
Heather Wang
Mike Waters
Camille Webb
Dr. Laura Weise
Bonnie Wells
Jayne White
Mark & Jennifer Wiggins
Rose Wilcox
Larry & Nancy Williams
Shelby Williams
Ren Willis
Bracy Wilson
Marcia Wood
Sarah Wood
Arthur Young
Deb Zarsk

*Organization name is listed for identification purposes only; no group endorsement is claimed or implied.